Our team has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. We know the ins and outs of building and demolishing any type of structure. We know how to get it done safely, and we know how to get it done quickly. We make a point to do both.

The founder of the company, (Florim Shala), has significant experience working for a popular demolition company in Toronto. This job experience was a big influence in his discovery of demolition services being his passion. He has driven trucks and limos as well as working construction, but he never enjoyed his job more than when he was working for a demolition company. He learned safety procedures, and helpful techniques to make the demolition go smoothly. Experienced in both commercial and residential projects, he has made it his personal mission to make sure every difficult demolition gets completed safely, and every simple demolition is done right.

A family man with a wife and three children, Florim understands that many of his clients are pressed on time trying to save money. He also has developed the characteristic of patience and the ability to maintain a positive attitude through a tough situation. He can relate to his clients, and that’s why he is determined to offer the best deal in demolition service around. He knows that his clients need to expand or make changes to their home or business, and they don’t have the capability or time on their hands to complete the job themselves. By creating this company, he is aiming to lend a helping hand to anyone that doesn’t know how they are going to get the job done.


We make it our mission to destroy the structures that you want gone, without destroying your nerves or your pocketbook. Even if the others turned you away, we’re here to help. Safe, efficient, quality work, done on time by an honest and friendly, experienced worker, you won’t find a demolition company with a better service.